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1959 has special memories for us. Ron proudly paid $905 for the1959 school bus featured in this video. It was purchased in a sealed church auction. It was all the money he had to his name — earned from working at a local radio station. Upon handing over the cash, he discovered that the next highest bid was just $5! After a few weeks of severe post-purchase depression, we set about converting that school bus into our dream camper. We bought it when we were engaged to be married and built it from the floor up ... literally!

This Ford bus had been hauling around children for about a dozen years when we acquired it. We spent many delightful years fixin' up this rig. Even got to camp in it a few times before the babies came along. Ron remembers that he spent more time under it than in it! He loves to say that it got about two quarts of oil for every five gallons of gas. :) Still, it was worth every dollar we paid because it introduced us — together — into the joys of RVing.

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