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How We Got Started Making RVmatters 'Home Movies.'

In early 1991, after an 18-year career as an executive in the microcomputer industry, Ron started a marketing company that assisted others, primarily small businesses, with a variety of sales, advertising and marketing projects. In 1998, Ron began developing commercial websites that were consistently recognized for their creativity. It wasn't long before the largest healthcare provider in South Carolina awarded Ron a contract to redesign their entire Web presence. Many other projects followed, but of all the clients he was involved with, Ron most enjoyed working with faith and nonprofit organizations.

In 2003, Ron's father died, leaving him with a strong desire to honor his dad's 83 years of unconditional kindness to others. His work with faith organizations and nonprofits seemed like a great place to start. A website, FaithDaily.com, was created to help clients 'make a difference' in their communities by effectively using video and custom designed websites to better communicate their message and build a stronger sense of community among their members.

As the years passed and we began to travel more, we stopped accepting new web development projects and narrowed our focus to exclusively making videos for the same types of clients. We both retired in 2014 but this work continues today as a purely philanthropic effort. All of the work we do for churches and nonprofits is done at no charge whatsoever.

Note: The short movie above is a generic video, one of many that we can quickly customize for church clients across America. We have developed a series of these which clients place on their websites for enhanced visual impact. We have also developed 100% custom videos for churches and nonprofits, a sample of which you can view by clicking the 'Demo Reel' link above.

After producing these types of videos for years, we decided to start making videos for our friends and family to keep up with our travels. Hence, RVmatters.com and our series of 'home movies' was born. We hope you are enjoying them both.

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