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When we travel to Virginia we always think of the song heard in this video. This home movie features clips of our travels in both of our motorhomes — our 43 ft. diesel pusher and our 24 ft. diesel Sprinter.

While fueling up at the pump is not our favorite thing to do in Virginia, you may be surprised to know that the pump price in this video is not our biggest fuel purchase, not even close! Once, when fuel prices were nearly $5 a gallon out west, our 150-gallon tank netted us a bill of over $600!

Surely — you must think — anyone who spends that much on a fill-up must be nuts?! Well, you'd be right. We're nuts about traveling and seeing new things every day, having all the conveniences of home with us at all times, sleeping in our own bed, skipping the hotels and luggage, eating out in our own private dinning room with spectacular views, staying where we want — any time, any place — and having so much fun that we can hardly contain ourselves.  If that sounds nutty to you, RVing may not be your thing.

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