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We LOVE the Blue Ridge Parkway! What's not to like? Four hundred and sixty-nine stress-free miles through North Carolina and Virginia without a single billboard, stop sign, traffic light, or 18-wheeler! In fact, of all the many places we've RV'ed — north-to-south and coast-to-coast — the Parkway is our favorite.

One of our favorite spots on the Parkway is The Bluffs coffee shop and restaurant at Milepost 241 in the Doughton Park area. It was the very first dining establishment on the Blue Ridge. Construction started in 1937 and was completed in 1949. For over six decades, travelers flocked to this quaint restaurant well known for its friendly service and home-style cooking. Unfortunately, in 2010, due to budget cuts and lacking a new concessionaire to operate the facility, The Bluffs closed and has been neglected ever since.

Enter the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. Thanks to the efforts of the Foundation, the Appalachian Regional Commission, the State of North Carolina, the National Park Service, and hundreds of donors, The Bluffs has a new lease on life. It's been beautifully renovated with a carefully preserved ambiance. Beginning in the spring of 2021, this beloved restaurant will be open again!

This video is a tribute to everyone who made this happen. 'Bravo to you!’ We can't thank you enough for bringing back a Parkway favorite.

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